9 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

To most people, the word “traveling” means sandy beaches, foreign cities, or frequent visits to the mountains. And for those who are in the business, traveling often means stress, worries, and busy schedules. While living out of your suitcase, following TSA regulations, and coordinating meetings and presentations, can drain and tax travel traffic.

1. Pack your bags anytime

All travelers, leisure, and businesses know what it means to forget important items like cables, deodorant, socks, etc. Something you can’t forget and keep packing the essentials for a trip to your local grocery store.

Buy a small bag and keep a few bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant in the bag, along with credit card lines, lip balm, and whatever else you need every day. Doing this will save you time during the pre-packaging process.


2. Pack Wisely

It is important to pack and check your luggage wisely. Stopping a train costs more, takes longer to recover, and burdens you because it’s harder to carry.

But use these tips wisely:

Bring up to two pairs of shoes, one on your feet and the other in your bag.

Make a pair of colored pants (or skirt) and a matching jacket. This allows you to mix and match your shirts and accessories for significantly less money.

Wear it for sleep and doubles as casual or workout clothing.

Try to adhere to these standards to make your trip easier.


3. Minimize downtime

Business travelers rarely get a break during their travels, but if you do have time to take a break, make the most of it. Instead of turning on the TV, try calling a loved one, exercising, or reading a book.


4. Reduce noise

Leave loud, bulky headphones at home. Instead, buy a set of disposable soft foam ear tips. Whether you want to work on a flight or sleep, these will cut out any unnecessary noise and allow you to focus on what matters most. Plus, earbuds are cheaper and easier to pack than headphones.


5. Keep Bacteria Away

Nothing can ruin a business trip like a bad cold or stomach ailment. Since airplanes are breeding grounds for bacteria, you need to take steps to keep viruses and bacteria out.

To keep your snot from getting in the way of important meetings, bring the following items with you:

A small bottle of hand sanitizer – apply after going through security and before and after meals.

Wet Wipes Pack – For wiping down airplane tray tables.

Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently during business trips, especially during all handshakes.


6. Develop jet lag treatments

Whether you’re traveling across countries or across oceans, if you’re changing time zones, you may experience a little jet lag. So you need to figure out what your body needs (and doesn’t need) to recover from jet lag.

If you’re not sure how your body handles jet lag, here are some tips to try:

Book an overnight flight so you can sleep on the flight.

Stay hydrated.

Put on comfortable clothes, brush your teeth, and more before flying across continents.

Reset your watch to the time in the city you’re going to – this will help your mind and body transition to local time.

Over time, you will find the technology that works for you.

7. Buy local newspapers

When you arrive at your destination, purchase a local newspaper ASAP. This is especially important if you are traveling abroad.

Carrying a local newspaper makes you look more local than a tourist, so you don’t become a target for theft.

8. Remember the Golden Rule

Treating others the way you want to be treated will take you away from the business world. Respecting customers and co-workers is important, but it is equally important to respect waiters, clerks, flight attendants, and TSA employees.

Always smile, say favors and thanks, and don’t forget to compliment the people you interact with. It sounds simple, but kindness will help you get through airport security quickly, find great hotel rooms, and get around town quickly and easily.


9. Choose a cab instead of a taxi

One of the biggest hassles in travel is figuring out traffic when you get to your destination. Many leisure travelers enjoy the freedom and independence that a taxi can provide.

However, as a business traveler, you may not enjoy lining up at rental offices, reading what looks like an entire book of paperwork, and paying potentially expensive gas bills.

You can solve the traffic problem by skipping the taxi and booking a cab. Doing so will save you time and money, and taking a cab will help you focus on what your business trip is all about: business.