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Flash Limo is based in Virginia and provides Luxury ground Limo Services in Virginia and Washington DC. Whether you need intercity transportations, Airport transfers, or By Hour rides, We're always here to serve you.


Intercity Rides

With our intercity ride services. We'll make sure that your travel from one city to another, whether it's from Virginia to Denver or from Washington DC to Louisville, it's safe comfy, and fast. No matter when or to where, our professional drivers are well informed about the ways in the USA, and have experience in long commutes. This will assure that whether the ride is for you or for your employees it'll be a safe and comfy ride.

intercity rides
Maximize your time

Maximize your time

With Flash Limo intercity rides, the comfort of a long-way trip is more comfortable than ever. You’ll save time by skipping the airports and train stations and can rather use the travel time how you’d like — confidential phone calls, last-minute presentation preparation, or yea catching up on sleep. Our drivers are certain by discretion and provide you the space and privacy you would like to deliver your best.

Cost certainty and flexibility

Cost Certainty and Flexibility

Rates are guaranteed in advance, and our fixed pricing between your pickup and drop-off locations means no covert costs. Do plans change? Change or cancel your ride for free up until 1 hour before pickup. expect a stop or two along the route? Flash Limo cars have you covered. For small groups, our Custom Van or SUV service class means another workspace without immolating comfort or style.

So book your Flashlimo and plan your departure ahead of time or on demand.

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intercity rides

Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfer and hotel transfer all across the USA in all the bigger and smaller airports. Don’t wait until you or a companion arrives and reserve their own cab. Get it ready from now.

Inside The Airport Pickup

Our professional drivers will be staying for you inside the airport to help you, your employees or your mates carry the luggage.

Pay For The Ride Only

We won’t charge you per hour, you'll just pay for the ride from the airport to the destination. No covert or extra charges.

Wide Selection Of Fleet

We've got fleets for every need. Whether you require it for yourself or a team.

Flight Tracking

Do not worry if your flight is delayed or landed early. We're capable of tracking your flight so we are never late for you.

Shuttle Reservation

Airport Shuttle Reserving

The booking of limo service is easy and requires just a few seconds. You can book your airport transfer in a town of your choice. The required steps are easy, simply provide the pickup and drop-off location and select your vehicle type. After you’ve verified the calculated fare and payment details, you'll receive a confirmation mail shortly afterward. We pride ourselves on clarity, which is why you won’t receive any covert fare when you reserve with us and the cost you see is the cost you pay a great way to kick off your ride.

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intercity rides
intercity rides
By The Hours

Affordable By The Hours Cab Service

Even though you require to reserve your taxicab for a couple of hours and make many stops in the meanwhile, you can be assured that this will still be the most affordable add-on when it comes to taxi services. Since flexibility is the crucial factor to this service, it isn't needed to advise the itinerary in advance. You're in control of the destination, time, and schedule. Instruct the driver on the spot and arrive at all the locations you have arranged for the day. Enjoy the top level of comfort and professionalism.

Keep vehicle & driver for as long as you require

You can choose the number of hours you need to keep the vehicle, from 1 Hour up to 24 Hours.

Make as multiple stops as you want

As the schedule evolves & you move all your day, you'll be able to add and provide stops.

No hassles of driving or parking

Travel around the city all day without stressing about finding parking spots or driving in traffic. Hop in and hop off as you require.

Book anytime & get confirmation within minutes

Anytime you decide to rent a shuttle for a few hours of the day, book on the website and ride off all-day

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Routes & Rates

From/to Duration One Way
Washington DC Philadelphia (127 mi) 2h 31m USD 476
Washington DC Delaware (97 mi) 1h 47m USD 363
Washington DC Baltimore (41 mi) 48m USD 154
Washington DC Ocean City, MD (143 mi) 2h 43m USD 525
Washington DC Richmond, VA (107 mi) 1h 44m USD 390
Washington DC Newark, NJ (213 mi) 3h 33m USD 798
Washington DC JFK, NY (239 mi) 4h 7m USD 896
Washington DC Ashburn, VA (33 mi) 41m USD 124